KAY-26 DR8 2.64 2.93 A++/A+ 21 R-32
KAY-35 DR8 3.52 4.10 A++/A+ 23 R-32
KAY-52 DR8 5.28 5.57 A++/A+ 24 R-32
KAY-71 DR8 7.33 7.62 A++/A+ 27 R-32


In its search for the best combination of efficiency and comfort, Kaysun brings professional technological development to the end- user. The PRODIGY unit has been created to become the new emblem of domestic split equipment, and it is positioned in the market as an unbeatable commitment to our fundamental values.


R-32 REFRIGERANT The unit works with R-32 ecological refrigerant. SCOP 4.0 The heat pump performance of a set of units exceeds SCOP 4.0. HERTZ The units can function at 50 or 60 Hz. CONDENSATION CONTROL Allows the system to refrigerate, even with low outdoor temperatures. 3D TECHNOLOGY Triple DC inverter technology that allows a more constant temperature, high energy saving and significant energy efficiency. AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENT OF THE BLADES The unit has the capacity to automatically position the blades at the same angle that they were at when it was shut off the last time. 8ºC HEATING This feature keeps the temperature in the room from dropping below 8ºC by turning on the unit automatically in heat mode until it reaches 17ºC. SELF-CLEANING A feature of the indoor unit which automatically cleans the machine's battery so as to continue providing fresh, purified air every day. LOW SOUND LEVEL New technological advances have allowed the level of sound produced by the indoor units to be reduced by up to 20 dB. REFRIGERANT CONTROL A sensor on the outdoor unit and an alarm on the indoor unit's display alert the user of the detection of a possible refrigerant leak. SWITCH OFF DISPLAY This feature allows switching off the display of the indoor units, if necessary. FOLLOW ME A feature which changes the operating mode based on the remote controlled temperature sensor with the aim of maintaining maximum comfort. INTELLIGENT This feature allows changing the operation parameters of the unit and extracting operation data. LED DISPLAY The indoor unit displays the information on a digital display panel. NIGHT MODE A feature of the indoor unit which reduces the sound level during the night for a more comfortable sleep. TURBO MODE This feature reaches the selected temperature within a very short time. MUTE This feature allows permanently cancelling the indoor unit alarm beeper. SILENCE MODE A function of the indoor unit that reduces sound pressure using the lowest speed of the fans. STAND BY The "standby mode" feature allows 80% energy saving with only 1W consumption by the LED display. Wi-Fi This unit can be controlled by a Wi-Fi network through a smartphone application.

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